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Archive for July 2019

Punny Boat Names

Is there an unspoken tradition that some boat names have a certain amount of “punny-ness” to them? Here’s a case in point from our recent trip to Maine: On that same trip, we saw a lobster boat with the name Captain Mortgage written in the same font as the famed brand of rum. More »
Naos at the finish

Sighting the Transpac Finish

Photographers covering the Transpac Race to Honolulu often capture a scene that includes a finishing boat, a red buoy, and, in the distance and looking remarkably small, a lighthouse perched on a low ridge below the looming peak of Diamond Head.
Cheerio II with spinnaker

One More Time Regatta

Santa Monica Bay is known for advocating RRS number 1 ("the wind shall quit immediately after the start of the race"). No such rule applied on the July 20th running of the wooden hull One More Time Regatta.

PFDs, ‘Golden Rule’, ‘Maserati’

An Unconventional Lifesaving Measure A few weeks ago, we received a letter from a reader in San Diego about an auxiliary type of personal flotation device. “I have a very simple safety hint that I’ve kept to myself because it’s so simple it almost seems absurd. More »
sewing in the shade

A Visit to Manele Small Boat Harbor

We went to investigate what changes Larry Ellison has made to the island since he purchased a 97% stake of it in 2012. We met Joelle, who was hard at work cleaning up the neglect and transforming the slice of paradise into a functioning and well-managed marina.
Bretwalda at Diamond Head

Transpac Fleet Roars In

A couple of days after the biggest and fastest yachts started to trickle into Honolulu in the 50th running of the Transpac race, the flood gates have fully opened with the bulk of the fleet beginning to arrive on Sunday.