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Archive for May 2019

The June Issue Is Out Today

Happy June, Latitude Nation. We are celebrating the more-or-less start of summer with nothing less than a brand-new issue of Latitude 38. This is one of our favorite issues ever, and it couldn’t be more timely. More »
StFYC youth on the grinders

70-ft Trimarans Fly South

They're off. And they're almost there (or already finished, by the time you read this). Three 70-ft trimarans made a brief appearance on San Francisco Bay as they tuned up and got ready to blast down the coast in the inaugural California 500 race from San Francisco to San Diego.
Ran Tan II in the Gold Cup

Transpac Entry Loses Keel

No one would have expected one of the Southern Hemisphere’s best-known and most-traveled yachts to be lost at sea en route to the start, but that’s exactly what happened to Brian Petersen’s Auckland, New Zealand-based Elliott 50 Ran Tan II.