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Archive for October 2009

Ky-Mani Lost at Banderas Bay Surf Spot

A truly sad sight, as a young surfer’s boat/home comes to grief on the rocks at the Burro’s surf spot on Banderas Bay. © 2009 Dave Hamilton One of the great gigs for young surfers has been to buy a small sailboat, park it along the surf break-rich north coast of Banderas Bay, and live aboard. More »

The Latest on Rick

While nothing is certain, things are certainly looking more promising for Cabo San Lucas, La Paz and all of southern Baja, as once-monster Hurricane Rick has weakened greatly, from 156 knots to 100 knots. More »
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Special Report: Late Season Hurricanes Along the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Given the fact that, as we write this on October 18, monster Hurricane Rick is churning to the northwest far off the mainland coast of Mexico, but expected to swing to the north and northeast and perhaps hit Cabo and La Paz with Category 1 or 2 force winds, and that it’s just eight days until the scheduled start of the Baja Ha-Ha, we thought it would be an excellent time to share some information on the most recent 20-year history of late season hurricanes off the Pacific Coast of Mexico. More »

Hurricane Rick To Threaten Baja?

The most recent NOAA forecast suggests that there is only a 5% chance Rick will hit Baja. But all tropical storms and hurricanes must be monitored closely. © 2009 NOAA The last thing anybody with a boat in Baja or with a boat entered in the Baja Ha-Ha wants to hear is that Rick, now a tropical storm 315 miles SSE of Acapulco, is expected to develop into a hurricane by Sunday. More »

Overdue Bay Sailor Safe

In Wednesday’s ‘Lectronic, we wondered if anyone had been heading south at the height of the storm that wreaked havoc in the Bay Area on Tuesday. Napa sailor Trevor Steel alerted us yesterday to the overdue status of his friend John Dour. More »
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EPIRB Saves Cruiser and Dog

After spending three days adrift in a dinghy, a Canadian cruiser and his dog were succesfully rescued when their EPIRB’s signal was picked up by Tahitian authorities, reports Susanne Ames of the New Zealand-based Cheshire. More »

Electrical Seminar at KKMI

Time flies when you’re getting ready to race solo to Hawaii, so don’t forget to attend Monday’s Electrical Systems seminar for the Singlehanded TransPac. KKMI’s Ron Romaine will be helping racers assess their own electrical systems and give helpful "while-you’re-out-there" troublehsooting tips. More »

Deliver School Supplies to Baja

As Tropical Storm Patricia dwindles to a measly remnant low, the effects of last month’s Hurricane Jimena are still being felt in many places along Baja. Cruisers Steve and Edie Hollan of the Yorba Linda-based Irwin 37 Andalucia have coordinated with officials in Turtle Bay to facilitate donations to local schools. More »

Surfers & Cruisers Lend a Hand

Currently cruising the South Pacific aboard Moonduster with his ladyfriend Neria, Alameda-based cruiser Wayne Meretsky reports from the Kingdom of Tonga: "The big deal at Ha’apai this week — and probably for the month and year, if you don’t count the tsunami and the ferry sinking — is an influx of palangi (foreigners) here, who have arrived in a quest to clean the beaches of Tonga. More »

Surviving the Storm

‘Diver Dave’ Gissendaner rescues a 30-footer whose anchor dragged off Strawberry Point. “The pounding waves helped us pull her off,” he reports. © 2009 Tim Sell As all of us in Northern California know, we got pounded by what was a combination of a very early winter storm and the remnants of a Japanese typhoon. More »