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Deliver School Supplies to Baja

As Tropical Storm Patricia dwindles to a measly remnant low, the effects of last month’s Hurricane Jimena are still being felt in many places along Baja. Cruisers Steve and Edie Hollan of the Yorba Linda-based Irwin 37 Andalucia have coordinated with officials in Turtle Bay to facilitate donations to local schools.

"A lot of southbound boats have asked for ways to donate needed items to the children’s schools in Baja," the couple wrote on their blog. "We have friends who have a small business in Bahia Tortugas so we contacted them about giving back. They responded with lists compiled by the mayor’s wife, Guillermina Jimenez."

The lists — found here — include standard school supplies easily and inexpensively bought at discount stores. Tuck them away until you reach Turtle Bay, where Mrs. Jimenez will have them picked up from your boat. The Hollans report that donations can also be left at the mayor’s office, but be sure to write "DIF" on the package.

Who wouldn’t want to help these gregarious Turtle Bay students? If you have a little extra space onboard, help them out by taking some school supplies on your way south.

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"It will be a lot easier for those doing the Ha-Ha," say the Hollans. "During the beach party on Friday, October 30, just drop off your donation at the ‘Donaciones para Las Escuelas de Bahia Tortugas’ tent."

We’d like to point out that, while the Rally committee is too busy with the event to be directly involved in such charitable drives, we fully support them. If you have questions about this particular campaign, contact Steve and Edie through their website.

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