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Ky-Mani Lost at Banderas Bay Surf Spot

A truly sad sight, as a young surfer’s boat/home comes to grief on the rocks at the Burro’s surf spot on Banderas Bay.

© 2009 Dave Hamilton

One of the great gigs for young surfers has been to buy a small sailboat, park it along the surf break-rich north coast of Banderas Bay, and live aboard. And hopefully get a job ashore.

Ky-Mani, a Coronado 25, one of the finest small boats ever, in her death throes. She’s since been picked clean.

© 2009 Dave Hamilton

But anchoring out always has its risks, too, as you can see from this photo. Reader Dave Hamilton tells us that the Coronado 25 Ky-Mani, owned by a surfer named Stefan, who works as a lifeguard at the Palladium resort above the renowned Burro’s surf break, went ashore on October 12 at Burro’s. The boat was habitually anchored there, and we’re not sure if she dragged, her rode parted, or what.

The still photos are good, but they are nothing like this exciting video of Stefan riding his boat onto the beach and rocks. 

As for Stefan, he’s reportedly moved ashore temporarily while looking for a replacement boat.

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