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Archive for June 2008

Pirates Kidnap Four Yachties

A German family of three and their French skipper were sailing a small yacht across the Gulf of Aden on Monday when Somali pirates forced them off their boat, taking them into the hills behind the fishing village of Las Qoray in the Puntland region. More »
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Fire at San Rafael YC

Firefighters called to San Rafael YC around 2:50 a.m. on Monday were greeted by a flaming back deck. It took under an hour to put out the fire, which was probably caused by hot barbecue ashes, but Battalion Chief Jeff Buscher estimated the damage to the clubhouse to be around $100,000. More »

Switlik Life Raft Recall

Switlik Parachute Company, makers of Switlik life rafts, has issued a safety alert and recall on all of their liferafts. It seems that inflation valves on the rafts might fail to "operate properly and discharge the gas from the CO2 cylinder into the life raft." More »

Teapot Tony to Join the Swinging Sixties

Happy Birthday, and welcome to the Sixties! © 2008 Ronnie ‘Tea Lady’ Ronnie ‘Tea Lady’ of Banderas Bay is putting out a call to all friends and clients, old and new, to send her husband, Teapot Tony, a happy birthday, by email or otherwise, by June 26. More »

Tahiti Race Start Socked In

Medicine Man ducks behind Magnitude 80 in the fog off Pt. Fermin during Sunday’s start of the 13th Tahiti Race. © Rich Roberts Instead of a sunny, glorious day befitting the momentousness of the occasion, the four starters in the 13th Tahiti Race were treated to fog and lots of it off Pt. More »
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Death on the Delta

Ten men, aged 18 to 43, piled into a 14-ft aluminum fishing boat in Tracy for some fun on the Delta on Sunday. Instead, the overloaded boat capsized and only six men made it to shore. More »
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Looking for Etheral Star in Mexico

Cruisers in Mexico are wondering if anybody has seen Harold Parrett and his green-hulled Newport 30 Etheral Star. Parrett departed Mazatlan on June 14 at about the same time as Ken Douglas on the Astoria-based Pearson 365 Mermaid, both bound for La Paz. More »

Settling In and Breaking Free

Snickers hardly resembles the scroungy emaciated puppy he was just a couple months ago. © 2008 Marlene Karas & Jack Joslin We received the following update on Snickers the pup yesterday from Jack Joslin, who spent countless hours working to rescue Snickers and his crewmate Gulliver the parrot after they were shipwrecked and abandoned on Fanning Island last December: "The Wild Beast of Fanning that arrived at my home in April has gone dormant! More »