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Pirates Kidnap Four Yachties

A German family of three and their French skipper were sailing a small yacht across the Gulf of Aden on Monday when Somali pirates forced them off their boat, taking them into the hills behind the fishing village of Las Qoray in the Puntland region. News outlets today are reporting that the pirates are now demanding a ransom, though the exact amount has not been disclosed. There are also reports that the young son of the kidnapped German couple has fallen ill with fever. Security forces are trying to track down the pirates while local authorities attempt to negotiate with the kidnappers.

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Firefighters called to San Rafael YC around 2:50 a.m. on Monday were greeted by a flaming back deck.
In Friday’s edition of ‘Lectronic Latitude, we put the word out that cruising friends of Harold Parrett were concerned about his well being as he’d not been heard from since leaving Mazatlan on June 14 aboard his Newport 30 Etheral Star.
Switlik Parachute Company, makers of Switlik life rafts, has issued a safety alert and recall on all of their liferafts.