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Pac Cup Announces Tracking and Class Breaks

Tom Akin’s SC 52 Lightning at the start of the 2006 Pacific Cup on the way to a clean sweep: 1st in class, 1st overall, 1st to finish.

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They’re here . . . The class breakdowns and start days for the Pacific Cup have been posted on the race’s website. With a little under a month to go until the start, teams are knee-deep in preparations for the 2,025 mile slide to Kaneohe Bay. The Pacific Cup YC has announced that, for the first time ever, those of us not sailing in the "fun race to Hawaii" will be able to follow the action from the relative comfort of our shoreside digs with our decidedly fresher food and fresher-smelling heads.

"Thanks to the organizational and research efforts of Vice Commodore Jim Gregory, we have contracted with FIStracking to provide satellite transponders for each and every boat at no additional cost to the boats — unless you break it, of course," according to a statement from the Club. "FIS has supported many major regattas, including Vic-Maui 2008, Swiftsure, and more. Not only does the tracking create a really great viewing experience for those at home, it also provides an added safety element in the event someone needs to find you to rescue you or bring you cookies or something. Please note that, per the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, direct or indirect access to the tracking information by competitors is forbidden so as to preserve the fairness of the race."

All of this leaves us wondering, do cookies count as outside assistance?


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