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What Do You Know About This Sailboat on S.F. Bay?

Here at Latitude 38 we’re often referred to as a resource for information about historic or obscure sailboats. What that means is that we put the question out to you, our readers, and essentially ‘crowdsource’ an answer. Most of the time readers send us their question or boat photo. But in this instance we’re sharing a post from another great magazine, Good Old Boat.

The query involves a photo captured by Diane Beeston (1929 – 2017). Beeston had studied photography at UC Berkeley, and in the early ’60s started her own yachting photography business on San Francisco Bay. Her talent and skills led to her becoming the Bay’s premier yachting photographer. Many of her images appeared in earlier editions of Latitude 38.

Beeston’s photo, posted by Good Old Boat on their Instagram page, is of a sailboat on San Francisco Bay in 1966. The shared post includes the name of one of the crew aboard — Hal (Harold) Nachtreib, who was a member of the San Francisco Yacht Club. The crew at Good Old Boat are using the same methods we do to find information: Ask the readers!

If you know anything about this boat — name, make, model, owner, crew … or any other interesting bits of history, drop your thoughts into the comments below.


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  1. Christine Weaver 1 year ago

    The boat’s name appears to be Sorcière, and her sail number is 62. She looks similar to a 23-ft Bear Boat, but I don’t think she’s a Bear. and

  2. Jerry Shell 1 year ago

    I think she’s a Cheoy Lee Newell Cadet, a/k/a Offshore 27, first built in 1965:

  3. b belmont 1 year ago

    the boat is a Sextant 25 raced in HDA P CYC member Harold Nactrieb as per YRA Year Book 1967
    b belmont

    • Behan Gifford 1 year ago

      b belmont! That’s AWESOME sleuthing, thank you!

  4. Michael Lynch 1 year ago

    I too have a question about a Diane Beeston photo. My Dad, recently deceased, was a pilot. In his San Jose CA office, he had multiple photos of planes. However, he had one picture of a sailboat. It is the June 1978 photo from Trans World Airlines calendar. I am trying to figure out why this photo. Did he know the owner? Did he sail on it at one point? What type of sailboat is it? Was this just his dream non-flying craft?

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