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November 2017


Make No Assumptions


The Life and Times of Mike Plant

68The Latitude 38 Interview - Dave Ullman

The Career of the loft’s founder and name sake, Dave Ullman

74South Pacific Strategies - What’s the Rush?

French Polynesia make it easier than ever allowing boats to stay for up to three years without having to officially import it.

82Season Champions - Wading into One Designs

Season Champions - Wading into One Designs

86Baja Ha- Ha XXIV, Pt. 2 - Meet the Fleet

Happy Together - Leopard 48 Randall and Lennie Smith Delray Beach, Florida

90Max Ebb

Max Ebb on hand signals

94The Racing Sheet

Vancouver Hosts Six Metre Worlds

102World of Chartering

Sail, Don’t Sulk: Our Cure for Wintertime Blues

106Changes in Latitudes

Celebrate - Tassel 58 Charlie and Cathy Simon The Northwest Passage (Spokane, WA/ Nuevo Vallarta, MX)