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What About Bob?

“What about Bob?” we hear you thinking. Bob Schulz is our newest Golden Ticket winner and has earned himself a fun new Latitude 38 T-shirt!

“I would like to claim a Men’s Large, Ash, April 1977 T-shirt!” he wrote when he learned about his prize.

Bob tells us that he “Love[s] reading Latitude 38!” (thanks, Bob!), and that he found his winning ticket in the July issue, which he picked up at Sequoia Yacht Club in Redwood City.

An avid racer, Bob began his sailing life “back in the early 2000s,” beer can racing at Spinnaker Sailing, Redwood City.

Bob with golden ticket
Here’s Bob pictured with the crew of the J/92 Hijinks after this month’s Westpoint Regatta.
© 2023 Bob Schultz

“I’ve been racing in the South Bay and occasional YRA and OYRA races for 20+ years. Hijinks competes in all the Sequoia Yacht Club race series and is always a strong contender. When the stars align we sometimes get to sail elsewhere in the world.” He enjoys the challenge of racing, but also the “relaxation of [warm-water] cruising,” and embarks upon pleasure cruises or charters when he can.

As for his most memorable sailing moment? “Probably a high-wind (40-kt gusts) doublehanded crossing on a Bavaria 32 from Port Camargue, France, to Cadaqués, Spain. A trip up the Italian peninsula and over to Sardinia was also quite memorable.”

And here’s something that he probably has in common with many sailors: “Of course Latitude 38 has been a constant bedside and head-side companion over the years!”

Thanks for sharing a bit about your sailing life, Bob. For anyone who’s interested in what an “Ash, April 1977 T-shirt” is, go check out our online store, where we can make almost (said lightly) anything happen!

See for yourself!
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