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We Said We Were Done Discussing s/v ‘Freedom’, then This Happened …

In our last post about s/v Freedom, we shared her mystery photo location as told by the photographer, Kirk Wagner — “The photo was taken on the beach in Puerto Balandra on Isla Carmen on Christmas Day, 2020.”

Although there were many readers who disagreed, we decided to call it quits and let the jury discuss the outcome among themselves. But then this happened …

Kirk wrote to us again a couple of days later and admitted he had given us a bum steer about Freedom‘s location. It turned out the naysayers were right.

“The photo was taken at Honeymoon Cove, not Puerto Balandra. Sorry for the mix-up.”

So congratulations to everyone who said Honeymoon Cove; you are all winners!

To add a twist to his updated photo confirmation, Kirk sent us the photo below, and asked if readers can guess where this one was taken. How about it folks, best out of two?

s/v Freedom dinghy twin
Kirk wrote, “The dinghy picture that brought so much discussion has a twin but it’s not in the same bay.”
Who’s willing to name the place?
© 2021 Kirk Wagner


  1. Margaret Mason 3 years ago

    Bahia Amortajada, Isla San Jose – looking west

  2. peter metcalf 3 years ago

    The photograph was taken from a beach.

  3. Curtis Johnson 3 years ago

    Photo was taken just inside the north entrance of the lagoon/mangroves at the south east side of Bahia Amortajada, Isla San Jose, east of Isla Cayo, north east of Punta Ostiones and north of Isla Coyote. Photo direction is looking towards the ENE. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. We visited the bay and lagoon many times during cruising the Sea of Cortes 2012 to 2015 and having many National Geo type moments with the wildlife in the lagoon.

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