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Volcanic Eruption on Angel Island

Following the recent 5.1 earthquake south of San Jose, the long-dormant Angel Island volcano stirred back to life with the first signs of a new eruption early the other morning. To date, no further tremors or eruptions have been felt, but authorities* are keeping an eye on it.

Sunrise looking like a volcanic eruption on Angel Island
The early-morning eruption lit up the sky, worrying rangers and nearby residents.
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*Actually any “authority” can witness this if, like us, they’re up for an early morning walk in Belvedere and happen to be in the right place at sunrise.



  1. Jeff Cook 2 years ago

    Great Pumpkin!! I’m hoping the Sailing Instructions can be updated to address hot lava in time for Sunday’s race.

  2. Candy 2 years ago

    Still not as good as Gary Mull’s dissertation on Alcatraz being a floater. That would definitely merit a republishing!

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