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Visit the Canceled Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show

Even after all these years, we still love boat shows. Sadly, this year’s Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show was canceled. We’ll miss seeing and talking to our readers at our booth, miss seeing customers from near and far, miss seeing the new boats and gear. However, knowing all the work done by our customers, Sail America and the Latitude 38 staff to organize and promote the show, we just couldn’t throw it all away.

We did print the boat show guide. We were all set to put it in the mail, insert it into our April issue, and hand it out at the show. It didn’t get mailed, it’s not in the April issue, it won’t be at the show, and most copies will be recycled. However, we do want to let readers see what was going to be there and thank the advertisers who supported the show guide. All the exhibitors and speakers would still love to hear from you. Many boats that were shipped here from Europe, Asia and across the US are open for ‘virtual’ tours. Hardware companies, sailmakers and all the rest would still love to get your call.

PSPBS Show Guide
As it says on the new, digital-only cover, the show was canceled. However, the show guide was produced and printed, and now has been recycled. You can take a socially-distanced, virtual visit to the show when you flip through the show guide.

Now we have even more to look forward to: more sailing on the Bay and another boat show in the future. That kid who said, “My parents brought me to the boat show and all I got was this lousy T-shirt,” will be even more disappointed. Unless you remember you can still get Latitude 38 T-shirts online here. Admit it, getting a new Latitude 38 T-shirt is really the main reason you come to the show in the first place.

Latitude 38 Party
We always have a great time with you at the boat show. This year we’ll all be sheltered in place instead.

Though much is on pause, you can still be dreaming and planning to sail south in the fall. In fact, seminar speaker Pat McIntosh offered to give our readers a download of his ‘Cruising Notes’ for Mexico for free so you can continue planning without the seminar and show. Live for today, plan for tomorrow.

Pat McIntosh Cruising Notes
Download this planning guide from Pat McIntosh for free.
© 2020 Pat McIntosh

We look forward to seeing you at a boat show and on the Bay soon.


  1. Lu Abel 4 years ago

    According to last night’s news, the Craneway Pavilion, site of the show, is being transformed into an emergency hospital.

  2. Grant 4 years ago

    “Pat McIntosh offered to give our readers a download of his ‘Cruising Notes’ for Mexico for free…”
    Can you please explain how to download this? I can read it online, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to DL it.

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