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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Style — Sail to Your Favorite Boat-in Restaurant

Have you checked your calendar recently, for events other than sailing? Though sailing can still come into it, next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day! When we saw this on our calendar we started looking for ways to celebrate that involve sailing. We were reminded about a story we shared in ‘Lectronic Latitude a couple of years ago — a marriage proposal, printed on a headsail! And while we’re not actually sure that it took place on Valentine’s Day, it did take place in February.

Grant and Angela on dock
She said yes!
© 2023 Grant Hamilton

Now, don’t get us wrong; we don’t expect you to go out and get your sails printed with messages of enduring love (though if you do, please remember us and send photos), but you can take your valentine out for a boat-in dining experience.

To help you out, we have a page dedicated to Boat-in Dining.

To make the grade on our website, the eatery in question must be within three blocks or so of a public dock, marina or yacht club. Which of course makes them super-convenient for sailors. The locations range from Sausalito to Vallejo, Antioch, Richmond, the Estuary, the South Bay and the Cityfront.

Take a look at the list, make your selection, and book your table. It’s one of the busiest dining days of the year, so don’t wait! See the list here.

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  1. Mark Blum 4 months ago

    Sadly, I tried to go to The Ramp last summer. As I approached SF Boat Works (where I had tied up on previous visits in recent years) I was chased off by an employee who shouted that they haven’t allowed The Ramp patrons to use their facility “for many years”.

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