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US Coast Guard Seeks Help Finding Two Dinghy Owners

The USCG sent us a report of a dinghy that had been found adrift off Lahaina, Maui, on Sunday. In doing a little research, we found that there were actually two adrift dinghies found yesterday. The second unmanned dinghy was retrieved about three nautical miles off Kawaihae, Big Island.

This first dinghy, found off Lahaina, is described as an 8-ft gray inflatable skiff.
© 2022 Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew West
No outboard was attached.
© 2022 Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew West
Dinghy afloat
This second 8-ft gray dinghy was found adrift off Kawaihae, on Hawaii’s Big Island
© 2022 USCG
The outboard was still attached, but we don’t know if there was evidence of its having been running.
© 2022 USCG

The photos show both dinghies to be in apparently good condition, and the fact that they were floating would confirm that. But where are the owners?

Some possible scenarios: The dinghies simply drifted away from their boats. (That has happened to this writer when the shackle on the dinghy undid itself overnight. Fortunately the dinghy had drifted to shore not far away and was recovered and re-secured with a new/better shackle.)

Perhaps the dinghies came loose from a dock when the tsunamis caused by Tonga’s volcanic eruption swept through the Pacific.

Or, worst case scenario, the dinghies were en route with souls aboard when something happened that caused the dinghies and their crews to be separated. Hopefully this is not the case.

If you recognize anything on or about these dinghies, or know of anyone who has recently lost theirs, please contact the USCG’s Sector Honolulu command center at (808) 842-2600.


  1. Rev Dr Malama 1 year ago

    Wth. Identify your vessels and save our rescue assets for real emergency, please!

    • Rochelle 1 year ago

      How do you know they weren’t on them ms rev?

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