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Tropical Storms Lidia and Max Visit Mexico

It’s been an active hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific, though no storms have really turned ashore with devastating winds. Most of the hurricanes have headed west, including Dora, whose winds fanned the devastating fires in Lahaina. Hurricane Hilary went north, and a few towns had severe damage, but its bite was less than its bark. Now it’s Tropical Storm Lidia getting ready to land somewhere between Banderas Bay and Mazatlán, and Tropical Storm Max crossing the shore near Zihuatanejo.

Tropical storms Lidia and Max
Tropical storms Lidia and Max are both lining up for Mexico border crossings.
© 2023 NOAA

Max is already on the coast near Zihuatanejo, with up to 60 mph winds, while Lidia is offshore and heading east, with winds predicted to build to hurricane strength of close to 100 mph before reaching the coast on Tuesday. Lidia’s current track shows the storm hitting the coast in a sparsely populated area, though courses do change and storm impacts vary by tidal surge and every harbor’s particular orientation to the storm.

Tropical Storm Lidia
Tropical Storm Lidia may reach hurricane strength before hitting the coast.
© 2023 NOAA
Tropical Storm Max
Tropical Storm Max is smaller, though flooding and winds are still a risk.
© 2023 NOAA

Hopefully all boats are battened down for storm winds and the projected coastal flooding will be manageable, but washed-out roads and towns are always a concern. We wish the local communities a safe week ahead!


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