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Todd’s New Magazine Wins Him a Latitude 38 T-Shirt

Todd Brubaker was going about his business last week, being a good upstanding Bay Area citizen collecting the latest Latitude 38 magazine from his local distributor, when he discovered a Golden Ticket inside his issue. The ticket entitled Todd to a free Latitude 38 hat or T-shirt. What did Todd choose?

Todd with Latitude 38
Yes, we realize the photo is blurry, but you’d be jumping with excitement too if you’d just found a Golden Ticket.
© 2021 Todd Brubaker

Todd picked up his Latitude 38 at the Jack London Square fuel dock in Oakland and sent us the photo, along with his request for a Latitude 38 T-shirt, which is now in the mail.

When not cruising the docks in search of his favorite magazine, Todd volunteers and crews on the Presidential Yacht Potomac.

Here’s a not-blurry photo of Todd.

Todd Brubaker
And he’s going to look even better in his new Latitude 38 T-shirt!
© 2021 Todd Brubaker

You can pick up your copy of Latitude 38 at any of our distributors, or to make sure you never miss out, get yourself a subscription and have a copy sent right to your mailbox.

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