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The Grand Poobah’s Baja Ha-Ha News Update

The Baja Ha-Ha’s Grand Poobah brings us some updates and insights for those planning to sail south this fall:

The number of paid entries is 104 … and currently holding at that level.

The entries are processed by Assistant Poobah Patsy “La Reina del Mar” Verhoeven of the Gulfstar 50 Talion. Patsy is currently cruising the Sea of Cortez in an area that does not have internet, so she hasn’t processed any of the most recent entries. Look for an update after the 15th.

Talion Patsy Verhoeven
Assistant Poobah Patsy Verhoeven is currently in the Sea of Cortez, but will sail north so she can sail south again with the Ha-Ha.
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If you’re looking for crew or to crew, lists are building on the Baja Ha-Ha website. Go down the blue drop-down menu to the tab “Ha-Ha Crew & Boat Lists,” and you’ll find links for “looking for crew” and “looking to crew.”


Unlike previous years, when it wasn’t a problem if you didn’t get a Temporary Import Permit until you got to Mexico, you must now have one before entering Mexican waters. It’s easy to get online or in person at Banjercito, just across the border at Otay Mesa, better, or San Ysidro/Tijuana, less good.

If you’re not sure if your boat has a TIP, apply for one online. If the website won’t give you a TIP, your boat already has one. If it belongs to the previous owner, get that changed before sailing into Mexican waters.


The Ha-Ha does not take care of any paperwork for Mexico. TIPs, immigration, customs … all that is the responsibility of each boat owner. In years past, Victor the ship’s agent did that in Cabo for a fee for those who wanted to use the service. Victor has not yet confirmed that he’ll be doing it again this year or what the fee might be. We hope to get an update soon.

Mexican Liability Insurance

This is separate from any hull insurance you might or might not have, but it is required for sailing in Mexico.

Slips in Cabo

Marina Cabo San Lucas saves all their open slips for the Baja Ha-Ha, but they never know how many they’ll have until the day before boats arrive. So there are no guarantees. If you want to be guaranteed a slip, try Puerto Los Cabos, which is 19 miles from Cabo San Lucas at San Jose del Cabo. In years past, a number of Ha-Ha boats have reserved slips. Transportation between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas for Ha-Ha activities is easy and reasonably priced. If you want a slip in Puerto Los Cabos, it’s your responsibility.

Cabo San Lucas
The anchorage at Cabo San Lucas can provide a warm welcome too.
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Start from Ensenada?

There are several advantages to this. The long first leg is 55 miles shorter, and you will already have gotten your paperwork taken care of. Both Cruiseport and Marina Coral would welcome you. However, we highly recommend you make a land trip to San Diego for the Skippers’ Meeting, where you get the Rally Instructions and important information, as well as your Swag Bag, and can be on hand for the Costume Kick-off Party.

If you don’t attend the Skippers’ Meeting, you won’t be an official entry or get your swag until Turtle Bay, at which point you will be fully reinstated.

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