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The Crew List Party Changed His Life

In response to a call-out for Crew List Party success stories, Rich Morse wrote: “In 2014, still very new to sailing, I attended the Crew List Party and felt like a fish out of water. I must have looked it too — one of the Latitude 38 staff introduced me to Natasha (now Captain) Pyle because we both did some sailing out of Alameda. A few months later I volunteered to fill in for a last-minute crew cancelation on a delivery she was crewing on, aboard a 56-ft Taswell en route to Anacortes, Washington.”

Natasha and Rich
Natasha Pyle and Rich Morse underway.
© 2019 Courtesy Rich Morse

“Later, Natasha convinced me to volunteer aboard the 51-ft wooden ketch Pegasus, out of Berkeley Marina. This nonprofit takes kids and veterans for sails on the Bay and has led to the most rewarding part of my sailing life. I get to sail a big old wooden boat and make kids happy. What’s not to like?”

Pegasus sailing
Rail down, Pegasus glides through the windy waters of San Francisco Bay.
© 2019 Courtesy Rich Morse

“In the meantime, our first delivery led to other trips. Five years later I have about 7,500 ocean miles from Cabo to Canada and up the East Coast. A second delivery to Anacortes was among them, and last year my wife and I moved to Anacortes. You could say that the Crew List Party changed my life!”

Has a connection made at a Latitude Crew List Party changed your life? If so, we’d love to hear about. Email us here, and be sure to include a couple of photos!

The next Crew List Party will be held at a new venue, the Bay Model Visitor Center in Sausalito, on Wednesday, September 11. We hope to see you there! For all the details, see our newly redesigned Crew List Party web page.

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