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The Club at Westpoint Live-Streams Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Club at Westpoint Harbor hosted a ‘pandemic-adjusted’ groundbreaking ceremony for its new ecologically sensitive, multi-purpose building last Saturday. Members from across the US joined the board of directors via live streaming from the new building site.

Groundbreaking at The Club at Westpoint
Groundbreaking work, in more ways than one. The Club at Westpoint’s Board of Directors dig in for their new building.
© 2020 The Club at Westpoint

The newest facility at Westpoint Harbor will be a two-story building with a restaurant on the ground floor, a clubhouse and patio on the first floor with views of the Bay and the marina, and a large outdoor patio overlooking the harbor, as well as an outdoor pool and pool house. Construction will commence in the next several weeks.

Shovels ready for groundbreaking
Dressed for the occasion, these shovels await the groundbreaking ceremony at The Club at Westpoint
© 2020 The Club at Westpoint

“This is a great milestone for The Club,” said Peter Blackmore, president of the board at The Club at Westpoint. “We are looking forward to a new building to provide our members, current and future, with a vibrant, modern and friendly gathering place to enjoy the water, the views, an award-winning junior sailing program, and the very best in arts and entertainment. The vision of Westpoint Harbor always included a club and a restaurant, and it is wonderful to see this vision come to life — adding even more energy and excitement to an already buzzing harbor with over two miles of Bay access trails for all to enjoy.”

Peter Blackmore, president of the board at The Club at Westpoint, is excited for the club’s future.
© 2020 The Club at Westpoint

“The Club at Westpoint is a social club for boaters and non-boaters alike. The Club was formed at the beginning of 2018 to offer a place where people come together, in sophisticated surroundings, to enjoy the arts and entertainment, appreciate and promote all forms of watercraft and waterborne activities, and to relax, dine and socialize with other members.”

If you’d like to know more about The Club at Westpoint you can visit their website here.

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