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The Baja Ha-Ha Tracks Its Way to Turtle Bay

The Baja Ha-Ha‘s Grand Poobah checked in to let us know that all is well with the Ha-Ha fleet in Turtle Bay. Here’s the report that we received:

The fleet had its best turnout ever for the charity baseball game, with many dignitaries joining in. [We read on Facebook that the head of tourism for all of Baja was planning to go to Turtle Bay to welcome the Ha-Ha fleet.] The generous donations exceeded demand with 100 new and used baseball gloves being given away to the Turtle Bay community.

The fleet of 150+ boats and 500+ crew are all anchored peacefully. There were a few dropouts and a few incidents reported. Tumbleweed had a problem when its alternator caught fire, but the fire was extinguished and the captain and crew are carrying on. A broken rudder was also reported and had received a proper repair. Onboard Profligate there was a minor incident when the Poobah neglected to hydrate properly. Beware of wicking thermal layers and drink more, he advises.

Profligate also reached 19.8 knots as it surfed its way down the beautiful coast of Mexico.

The relationship between the Ha-Ha cruisers and the people of the Turtle Bay community is one of the greatest reasons to join the fleet.

Disclaimer — This report was received over a very long-distance cell call by a deaf guy driving a convertible at 80 on Highway 1. So if some of the facts are fuzzy, don’t shoot the messenger. (This is our favorite part of the entire story!)

Now that you have an update of the passage to Turtle Bay, here are a couple of AIS tracking photos sent to us by Doug Samp, USCG’s 11th District search mission coordinator, in Alameda.

Ha-Ha AIS tracks
This AIS screenshot shows the Ha-Ha fleet in the vicinity of Cedros Island on November 2.
© 2021 Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard District 11
The fleet anchored in Turtle Bay on November 4. It looks just a tad squashy.
© 2021 Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard District 11
It looks a little less crowded when the image is zoomed in. But remember that not all the boats in the Ha-Ha will have AIS.
© 2021 Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard District 11

Like many of us, Samp is blown away by the number of boats sailing in this year’s Baja Ha-Ha! Fortunately for each of those vessels, the Coast Guard is on standby to help any mariners in need of assistance. Even more fortunately, the Coast Guard was not required to help Tumbleweed last week.

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