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Ta-Ta Question Answered

As we cracked open the pages of the just-delivered May issue of Latitude 38 we were concurrently reminded that the question posed in Sightings regarding the possibility of running the 7th annual SoCal Ta-Ta had already been answered. For, on the eve of delivery, we received the following email from the Grand PooBob:

The seventh annual (almost) SoCal Ta-Ta has been postponed until next year.

It’s with great regret that the Grand PooBob must advise everyone that there will not be a SoCal Ta-Ta this year, despite the fact that sufficient interest was expressed.

 Next dance? The Ta-Ta will be back in 2019.

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The SoCal Ta-Ta is a mini version of the Baja Ha-Ha, and takes the fleet from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz Island for two nights, to Channel Islands Harbor for one night, to Paradise Cove for one night, then to Two Harbors, Catalina, for the final leg and ‘awards’ ceremony.

The Grand PooBob has hosted six Ta-Ta’s so far, and says it’s been some of the most pleasurable sailing that he’s ever enjoyed, particularly the legs from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz Island and Paradise Cove to Catalina. And the socializing has been great, too.

The Ta-Ta was skipped in 2013 because of the America’s Cup on San Francisco Bay. This year it’s being postponed because Profligate, the mothership, is going to Peter Vargas’ ‘boat spa’ at the La Cruz Shipyard for a big cosmetic job. As with all big boat projects, they take longer than estimated, and when it’s done the catamaran would still have to Bash 1,250 miles north. The uncertainty is too great to schedule the event.

While the Grand PooBob has decided to postpone the Ta-Ta until 2019, rest assured that he is committed to another SoCal Ta-Ta then. It will be the Lucky Seventh.

Thank you for understanding.


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