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Cruising Through a Bay Area Fortnight

A few days ago we uncovered an email that had gotten lost in our Inbox. Dave and Francesca Kautz responded to a story we’d published about West Wight Potters and sent us this pictorial diary of their two-week journey through the Bay Area aboard their Capri 26, Zoe. While cruising, Dave and Francesca sailed in company with Phil Marcelis aboard his 2004 Potter 19, Family Time.

Cruising through a Bay Area fortnight
Zoe and Family Time docked at Old Town, Sacramento.
© 2020 Dave Kautz

“Phil recently completed a two-week cruise aboard his Potter from Redwood City to Sacramento and back, dawdling awhile in the Delta and at some popular Bay destinations on the way back. He traveled in company with my wife Francesca and me aboard Zoe. For part of our trip, from Redwood City to Rio Vista and back, we also had the company of Dan Phy in his Montgomery 15 Six. Dan is from Fort Bragg, and the three-digit temperatures in the Delta did not suit him!”

Georgia Slough Bridge
“I think this is the Georgiana Slough Bridge.”
© 2020 Dave Kautz
“Anchored at the Bedrooms in Potato Slough. Did I mention that it was HOT?”
© 2020 Dave Kautz
Stopped at Frank's Tract
“Lunch stop near Franks Tract.”
© 2020 Dave Kautz
“On the way back we made stops at Pittsburg and Loch Lomond (Yes, we met up with Goose [Gossman] there). The smoke from the fires was intense — this is the sun trying to shine through the smoke early in the morning.”
© 2020 Dave Kautz
“Next stop was Angel Island for two nights — we hiked around the island’s perimeter on our day ashore.”
© 2020 Dave Kautz

“We spent one last night at Treasure Island and then back to Zoe‘s home port at Redwood City. While many would likely consider a Capri 26 to be a small boat for a two-week cruise, it seemed a veritable palace when compared to Phil’s Potter 19 or Dan’s Montgomery 15!”

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