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Notes and Photos from Flibbertigibbet’s Summer Wanders

A remarkable 92 boats signed up for 2020’s Delta Doo Dah Dozen, so when we put out the call for stories and photos to run in the October issue of Latitude 38, we received more than we could possibly squeeze into the pages of the magazine. Jim Adams of Flibbertigibbet was particularly generous in his contributions. We’re sharing here more of his photos that we didn’t have room for on newsprint.

Aground in the tule reeds
There are two kinds of sailors in the Delta: those who have run aground and those who will run aground. Those tule reeds are growing up out of the mud.
© 2020 Jim Adams
mobile phone app map of Mildred Island
“One of our favorite anchorages is Mildred Island,” says Jim Adams. “We actually have a spot there that we prefer to drop the hook.”
© 2020 Jim Adams
Three boats rafted up
Bob Walden and Lori Tewksbury on the Cal 39 Sea Star, Jim and Betty Adams on the Catalina 42 Flibbertigibbet and Peter Pillsbury and Robin Adams (Jim and Betty’s daughter) on the Catalina 36 Kyra’s Joy anchored at Mildred Island, a flooded tract south of the San Joaquin River.
© 2020 Jim Adams
Betty in a flamingo float
In Mildred Island, Betty Adams chills out in a blow-up floating flamingo while distance-visiting Sea Star.
© 2020 Jim Adams

“Although we live in and keep our boat in Discovery Bay in the Delta, we had to go to Sausalito to have some work done,” writes Jim. “On our way back, we came up next to several boats that either had Delta Doo Dah burgees or were going from San Francisco Bay to the Delta to spend some time in the summer sun.”

Two Truths sailing past the windmills
Two Truths, Bob and Betsy Sharf’s Pacific Seacraft Dana 24, sails up the San Joaquin. The Sharfs are Delta Doo Dah regulars.
© 2020 Jim Adams
cattle by the riverbank
The Delta is home to not only sailboats and other watercraft, wildlife and waterfowl, it’s home to cattle, goats, sheep and miscellaneous livestock.
© 2020 Jim Adams

We’ll follow up October’s look back at spring and summer in the Delta with a report on the bash back to the Bay in the November issue of Latitude 38, coming out on Friday, October 30.

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