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Pegasus Voyages Are Back on the Bay

This week we received good news from the Bay Area’s Pegasus Project. In an email sharing the update, Captain Bob wrote, “The good ship Pegasus is back in action with brand-new masts and shakedown sails under her belt.” The organization is now looking for volunteers to help run the programs.

“We are actively seeking volunteers (those already rated as crew for now please) to sign up for two upcoming training sails, as well as our first voyage with kids since the start of the pandemic.”

Pegasus on the Bay
Pegasus is a 51-ft Alden design built in 1972 in Maine.
© 2021 Pegasus Voyages

“We are very excited to be hosting a group of public school kids from right here in Berkeley who form a group called Heirs to Our Oceans, with a focus on marine conservation. These kids range in age from 6th to 10th grade, are all vaccinated, have won awards for their work, and have a PBS special about them coming out. We are thrilled to have them as guests and it should be a really fun sail for guests and volunteers alike.”

Pegasus Project’s mission is to enable youth to become productive members of a sustainable society through positive outdoor environmental education, and by reinforcing life skills.

Pegasus sails from Berkeley Marina in the East Bay.
© 2021 Pegasus Project


The training dates are Friday, October 29, and Sunday, November 7, and the kids’ voyage is Sunday, November 14. If you haven’t crewed with Pegasus Project and would like to help out, or would like to sail aboard Pegasus, please email the group here.

The Pegasus Project has taken thousands of kids sailing on the Bay aboard Pegasus while engaging them in education about the marine environment. The project is funded by charter revenues, foundation grants, in-kind contributions, and private donations.

“A strong crew is at the core of the Pegasus Project. The boat cannot leave the dock without the crew. If you can’t be on the water with kids, you can easily support Pegasus’ mission, ‘No Child Left Ashore!’ by hitting the friendly yellow donate button here.

“As always, I’ll finish by thanking our donors and volunteers for all you do … we couldn’t do it without you.” – Captain Bob.

If you have information about a youth sailing program, let us know so we can add the details to Latitude 38‘s San Francisco Bay Area Youth Sailing page.

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