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Passage Nautical ‘Anatomy of a Survey’ Webinar

No doubt experience can be the best teacher, but it’s not always the kindest. There are some things — like boat buying — where knowledge is definitely worth seeking out before learning through the sometimes costly trial and errors of experience.

If you’re considering purchasing a boat, join Passage Nautical webinars for valuable education and insight about how to get the most value for your money, and make the best choices for your long-term enjoyment.

Knowledge can keep the learning experience from costing you precious money and time, and can help you avoid making the wrong buying choice, which can have a big impact on your enjoyment and successful ownership.

Passage Webinar
Book in for your free education on best boat-buying practices.

Don’t miss Passage Nautical’s next free webinar, Anatomy of a Survey, on July 21.

For more information about Anatomy Of A Survey contact Javier Jerez at or 201-486-1700.

Sailors Rescued Near Treasure Island
The US Coast Guard reported that three people were rescued on Tuesday morning after their sailboat capsized near Treasure Island. Local fire and police departments and an unnamed Good Samaritan helped with the rescue. It is unclear what type of sailboat was involved and why it capsized.
Artist Uses NOAA Charts as New Medium
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