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One Stop Shopping

If this Saturday’s fantastic weather got you thinking about the upcoming sailing season, then it probably got you thinking about potential crew. Where will you find them? If they’re great, how will you thank them? We’ve got the solution to both problems: Check out our free online Crew List for possible railmeat, then surf on over to the Chandlery and pick out hats and T-shirts for your team. They’ll love our high-quality gear and you probably won’t have to worry about finding crew again for next season.

And if you are looking for crew, don’t forget to drop in to the Latitude 38 Crew List Party at Golden Gate YC on March 11 from 6-9 p.m. It’s still just $7 to get in ($5 if you’re under 25!) and you’ll get the chance to meet dozens of new prospects, talk to the YRA staff, chow down on some kickin’ munchies and maybe even win a door prize!

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Big cruise-ins can be big fun, but expect a big workout when you want to go from one end to the other.
It’s been 14 years since Fred Evans of the Mendocino-based Freedom 44 Coyote did the Ha-Ha II, but he still wears the shirt – and still meets other Ha-Ha vets because of it.