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Spring Crew List Party

A social event that connects people who want to sail
with boat owners looking for crew.
A great way to get involved in sailing or racing this summer.

2019 Date TBD
6:00-9:00 p.m.

Golden Gate Yacht Club

On the Marina in San Francisco

March crew party

Everyone is welcome, no reservations required, come as you are.

Admission is $10, and $5 if you are 25 or under. Included in the price of admission will be a buffet of munchies, a door-prize drawing for Latitude logowear, color-coded, informational name tags, and a sailing slide show. GGYC's bar will sell drinks.

One of the highlights of the evening will be Sal's Inflatable Services' liferaft. A party guest will get to pull the cord, inflating the raft right in the middle of onlookers, who will then have an opportunity to pile in and snap selfies.

You can sign up to crew or to find crew using our free online Crew Lists,
but you don't have to be on a Crew List to come to the party!

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Go here to learn about Latitude 38's free online Crew List.

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You probably won't find these factoids in any edition of Trivial Pursuit, and we're pretty sure they're not going to be answers on Jeopardy any time soon, but we thought you might be interested in this bit of Crew List & Party trivia:

  • The first Latitude 38 Crew List was published in 1980.
  • The first unoffiical crew list party (not thrown by Latitude 38) was in 1982.
  • The first official Latitude 38 Crew List Party was held in 1983.


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