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It’s Official — We’ve Discovered ‘Freedom’s Photo-Shoot Location

Update April 12, 2021: Kirk Wagner wrote and said he had mixed up the photo location. “The photo was taken at Honeymoon Cove not Puerto Balandra. Sorry for the mix up.” – Kirk Wagner

When we wrote about the mystery surrounding Freedom‘s exact location at the time of the much-talked-about photo, we weren’t ready to commit to a location. But now …

Thanks, everyone, for playing; we have a winner!

We’ve since heard from Kirk Wagner, the sailor whose boat we’ve all been talking about, and Kirk told us where, and when, the photo was taken.

“The photo was taken on the beach in Puerto Balandra on Isla Carmen on Christmas Day, 2020.”

Of course, not every reader agrees — you can read about it in the comments — but we’re going to leave this question here and add it to the long list of disputed facts that make for interesting cocktail-hour conversation among talkative sailors.



  1. Kirk Wagner 3 years ago

    I was mistaken when I replied back to everyone
    The photo was taken at Honeymoon Cove not Puerto Balandra

  2. Al Fricke 3 years ago

    Have to laugh. We tried anchoring in Honeymoon Cove to ride out a strong blue Northern. It was a mistake. The wind speed amplified coming over the ridge. The boat see sawed back and forth, coming close to the rocks on either side. We had to put out extra lines running to shore to stabilize the situation. Better to anchor further out and into the main cove in those conditions.

  3. randy fraser 3 years ago

    Kirk, thanks for clarifying. I saw this story and was thinking uh… he’s just not right. I’ve stood in exactly that same spot many times. Knew it right away. Thought I was going mad, or you were 😉

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