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Newest Latitude Magazine Hits the Docks Today

We made it! Summer has come. We’re halfway to Christmas. And despite this year’s unusual (to say the least) national and global upheaval, we’ve pulled together and produced a great edition of Latitude 38 magazine for your reading pleasure — and ours!

This month we welcome our newest magazine distributors, Englund Marine. Remember to pick up your copy when you stop by their store in Eureka.

When you pack your gear to sail on this 4th of July weekend remember to include the new issue of Latitude 38.
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Here’s a preview of what’s inside the July issue:

The Perfect Day Sail

There is method to the divine madness of sailing San Francisco Bay. One way to learn it is to throw the sails up and blunder around for about five years until you figure it out. This can be fun if you are young and looking for thrills. However, for those of a more mature or efficient nature, there is a better way, and you’re holding it in your hands.

Pefect sailing on the Bay
Picture-perfect sailing is possible!
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Max Ebb: The Sound of Sailing

This was my first attempt at singlehanded spinnaker, and everything was going fine until my first singlehanded spinnaker jibe.

“I need just two more inches! Just two more inches.”

I looked back at the cockpit, but there was no one there.

Transom shot
Traditional outboard rudders have a notch and some scrollwork to make a good boarding step. It’s not just decorative.
© 2020 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Max Ebb

And of course, we have included all the regular features that you love, and stories that will keep you entertained all month long:

  • Letters: Advice for a Sailing Newbie; A Singlehanded Farallones Report; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Mayan.
  • The status of Island Yacht Club.
  • Wednesdays with Patita.
  • A fantastic guide on Dine-Out Cruising.
  • World of Chartering features local sailing in the Delta.
  • And Changes in Latitudes takes you all over the place with sailors doing what sailors love and do best.

Find your July issue here, or read it online here.

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Nothing Better Than Beer Can Racing
Well, summer's here! Some of us are working from home, and others of us have lots of free time for sailing. With everything that has gone down, there's still nothing better than an evening of summer beer can racing on San Francisco Bay.
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