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‘Mr. Fun’ Wins Charles Langlais Trophy Posthumously

“I am very happy to announce that Dick Loomis, aka Mr. Fun, has won a posthumous award from the Pacific Coast Yachting Association for his amazing ability to bring people together to have fun on and around the water,” writes Richmond Yacht Club‘s commodore, Rich Deveau.

Dick Loomis with junior program girl
Dick Loomis was an enthusiastic instructor in RYC’s junior program for decades. Hence the ‘Mr. Fun’ moniker.
© 2022 Vince Casalaina

“It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the Pacific Coast Yachting Association (PCYA) has awarded the Charles A. Langlais Trophy to Dick Loomis posthumously,” announced Winston Bumpus, staff commodore of PICYA and PCYA. “The Pacific Coast Yachting Association recognizes that every yacht club and boating organization depends upon willing and eager volunteers to promote the wide variety of programs that boaters enjoy.”

Racing a Yankee Dolphin
Dick racing at the helm of his Yankee Dolphin Old School, which he lovingly restored. The Sparkman & Stephens 24-footer is now available for sale through the Richmond Foundation.
© 2022 Cinde Lou Delmas

PCYA staff commodore Charles A. Langlais first won this trophy in 1926, sailing the R Class boat Lady Gay in that year’s Championship Regatta of the Pacific Coast Yachting Association. In 1976, Langlais rededicated it to be awarded annually to an individual for “exceptional, outstanding and meritorious service to the sport of yachting.”

Charles Langlais at the helm
The dashing Charles Langlais went through the flags at St. Francis Yacht Club, where he served as commodore in 1953. We’re guessing 1950s for this photo, photographer unknown.
© 2022 RYC Archives

“Mr. Fun was the epitome of this special award, which is awarded once a year to the best of the entire West Coast, from Mexico to and including Canada,” writes Winston Bumpus.

“The actual presentation of the perpetual and keeper trophies will be made in June at the Lipton Cup awards ceremony,” advises Vince Casalaina, who nominated Dick for the award. “That is especially fitting, as without Dick’s efforts there might never have been a revitalized Lipton Cup. His daughter Kelly will be there to accept the award.”

Dick Loomis at the helm of a Snipe
Dick at the helm of his Snipe, racing in the Richmond Harbor. We’re pretty sure that’s his daughter Kelly sailing with him. Dick passed away on February 22, 2021, at the age of 71.
© 2022 Cinde Lou Delmas

Dick was also PICYA Yachtsman of the Year in 2021.


  1. Susan Ruhne 2 years ago

    What a fitting honor for. Mr Fun, and inspiration to all the rest of us to get more people out having fun on the water!

  2. Kim Paternoster 2 years ago

    We sure miss you at RYC, Mr. Fun. The soul of place lost a piece when you went away. 🙁

  3. Sully 2 years ago

    Yeah! ___/)___

  4. milly Biller 2 years ago

    Dick Loomis was just the very best kind of person. His love of sailing, his encouragement of the Jr sailors, and his help in reinventing the Lipton Cup, which brings the Bay Area Clubs so much closer together, will be his enduring legacy. I miss him every day.

  5. Cinde Lou Delmas 2 years ago

    I so miss Mr. Fun! He became my fast friend when I joined RYC in 2011 and remained my pal. We shared many connections from high school to the Stephens brothers. Besides the Club and racing, I think of him in the mornings when I look out at the hill where he and Margaret (Mom) lived. They hold a special place in my heart for all my days. He was so great with kids and people of all ages. Little did he know his passion for sailing and relationships would meld into a purpose, a fine legacy; re-uniting Clubs and sailors to compete in the Lipton Cup. Getting the people together to make it happen was a gift for us all! I remember his first contact with Kimball Livingston and his excitement never waned. Lipton Cup is a gas! Join the fun! Root for your team! Another Girl is out there as spectator boat; so jump on board! You will see faces from yesterdays, great racing and camaraderie from competitors and spectators from days gone by … so in honor of Dick, just figure it out and bring a Junior Sailor or two racing with you and join the “fun” of Lipton Cup, do it in honor … of Mr. Fun!

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