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Latitude 38’s March Issue Is Ready for You!

Welcome to the March issue! As we march into spring, and spring into daylight saving this month, we’re sharing a variety of sailing stories from close to home and across oceans and time. From revisiting the decades of music and sailing that personified David Crosby, to our wonderful youth who gain so much from sailing, to birthday cruises in the BVI and so much more, we’ll fill your sails with stories of sailors and sailing. Here’s a preview of what’s inside the latest Latitude 38 magazine.

David Crosby Sails On

When rock legend David Crosby passed away on January 19, he left behind an enormous musical legacy, including his stirring harmonies with bandmates Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young. Besides his renowned musical harmonies, he also found harmony at sea. This led to many miles of sailing and endless sailing friendships formed aboard his famed 59-ft LOD wooden schooner Mayan.

David Crosby and current owner, Beau Vrolyk, with Mayan in the background.
© 2023 Stacey Vrolyk

Discovering Youth Sailing

Lots of kids will be sailing this summer! Making sailing accessible to all kids means finding ways to make it affordable, fun, and educational. More than the fun and adventure that sailing can bring, kids benefit in lots of ways from their youth sailing programs.

Pegasus partners with local public and private schools to offer trips to full classes of kids from fourth grade to 12th grade.
© 2023 Pegasus Sailing

World of Charter: Bareboat Birthday Cruise in the BVI

When my daughter, Claire, asked for a Caribbean cruise as a birthday present, I, of course, said yes. She wanted to bring as many of her 30-something friends as possible, so we looked for a big cat I could skipper, and settled on chartering from Moorings in BVI.

March issue 2023 BVI cruise photo
Ten people weren’t enough to crowd the 50-ft catamaran.
© 2023 Art Hartinger

Also in the March issue:

  • Letters: Doing Their Best To Go Green; Regardless, I Applaud the Young Man; Better Safe(ty) Squad Than Sorry; and many, many more.
  • Sightings: Hank Easom Leaves His Mark; The Freedom of Cruising Without Starlink; Bay Area Sailor Bill Erkelens; and other stories.
  • Max Ebb: Heady Advice — “There’s one thing I can count on when I sail on a boat that’s venturing offshore for the first time: The head will break. Or become hopelessly clogged.”
  • Changes in Latitudes: Robb and Nancy Novak “Return to Paradise;” Fennell Family’s “The Route Less Traveled” Part 7; and catching up with itinerant cruisers in “Where Are They Now?”
  • Racing Sheet: Molto Midwinters this month, from Corinthian YC to Golden Gate, Encinal, Oakland, Island, Sequoia, Monterey and Berkeley YCs and RegattaPRO. We also report on the California Dreamin’ Match Race Series and US Sailing’s annual awards, and we preview the America’s Schooner Cup.
  • Loose Lips: Check out the February Caption Contest(!) winner and top 10 comments.
  • The sailboat owners and buyers’ bible, Classy Classifieds.

If you’ve subscribed to Latitude 38, you should receive your issue shortly. If you haven’t subscribed, you’re missing out, but you can still pick up your copy from your favorite distributor.

Helmut's Marine Service San Rafael
Stop by to pick up the new issue from Helmut and Nadine at our favorite Volvo engine dealer, Helmut’s Marine at 619 Canal St. in San Rafael.
© 2023 Helmut's Marine
march issue & Spring fling poster
Stop by and see Raymond and Dan at Grand Marina to get your copy of the March issue. And while you’re there, get all the details for next month’s Spring Fling at Svendsen’s in Alameda.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Sue Weaver
Any sailing sea-dog can pick up the March issue in Richmond today at KKMI and Naos Yachts in the KKMI Maritime Centre on Cutting Blvd.
© 2023 KKMI/Marianne Armand

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