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Looking for ‘Spirit’ – A Long-Lost Love

This is a challenge for Latitude 38 readers who think they know all the classic wooden boats built and sailed on the West Coast. There are just a few clues. We got an email from Bobby Popoff of Vancouver, BC, who’s hoping we can help him find a long-lost love, the sailig vessel Spirit. So of course, we’re turning to Latitude Nation for help.

Bobby wrote, “I’m searching for SV Spirit, which was a 66-ft modified Monk design that Harold A. Jones, owner of Vancouver Tug (now called SeaSpan), had built at his shipyard at the foot of Pemberton in North Vancouver. Spirit was tied up at Blaine Harbor during the ’80s and was a flagship for the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club when Harold Jones was commodore.

Bobby Popoff is looking for Spirit
Bobby Popoff alongside Spirit in Blaine Harbor, WA, in 1988.
© 2021 Bobby Popoff

“Beverly Jones and Norman Robert McCarvill acquired and raced the Spirit for a while. I was aboard the Spirit in the ’80s in Blaine Washington Harbor when she was owned by Barry Oliver.”

Spirit at the Vancouver Shipyard
A photo of Spirit back home at the Vancouver Shipyard in 1963, before the iPhone 12 was created. There’s also a classic 13′ Boston Whaler built in 1958.
© 2021 David Campbell

“If anyone knows what or where the Spirit is now I’d appreciate it if they could let me know.”

Latitude Nation, you always come through with the answers; we’re relying on you. If you have any idea where Spirit might be, you can reach Bobby at (604) 809-8697 or email [email protected].


  1. Steve Bondelid 3 years ago

    No idea if it’s the same boat, but there’s a guy on the West shore of Mats Mats Bay who buys big old wood boats which are in serious need.
    He fixes them enough to make them restorable, and sells them to high rollers who bring them back to pristine condition.
    He has one there now which looks like it might be the one you are looking for.
    At the least, he might know where it is.
    I have no contact info.

    • Paros Red 3 years ago

      Does this guy still have this boat mentioned above?

  2. Steve Bondelid 3 years ago

    I haven’t been able to use my boat since last October, but will sail down there hopefully soon.
    I’ll post what I find. Photos at least, and maybe contact info.

  3. Steve Bondelid 3 years ago

    For the first time in six months, I got to actually sail my boat.
    Sorry to say, Mats Mats Bay no longer has the boat in question.
    I hope you find it.


  4. Bobby Popoff 3 years ago

    who is Paros Red? He asked if “this guy still had the boat mentioned above?”

  5. BEN BLANKENSHIP 2 years ago

    Seen in Mats Mats Bay, Aug. 20, 2022

  6. deedee 2 years ago

    So I know the chap who owns spirit. It is in mats mats, here in Washington. It is not for sale.

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