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We Are in Short Supply of Latitude 38 Letters, and We Need Your Help!

We here at Latitude 38 are fortunate enough to have a reliable crop of comments, emails, and yes, even occasional handwritten letters trickling through our various channels. We organize and edit all of these fruits to bring you our monthly Letters column, and we hope these letters are ultimately a chance for you, the West Coast sailing community, to speak to one another through Latitude 38.

But this month, the crop is thin, and we really need your help.

Is there something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest, Latitude Nation? Do you have a small story you’ve been wanting to tell, a memory that’s bubbled to the surface, a favorite moment of sailing, an observation? Do you have a complaint or grievance? Do you have a concern or a comforting thought?

Please comment below, or email us here.

About six years ago, we published a letter from a sailor who had recently completed a circumnavigation, observing how the voyage had changed them, and wondering what came next. Sometime around spring 2018, we asked people to comment on the premise: Had a long voyage changed you in ways you didn’t expect? Was there some anxiety (or even depression) regarding what came next? We received this five-page, double-sided, handwritten letter a few months later from Michael Traum. (If you’re reading this Michael — or if anyone knows him — please contact us!)
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Here are a few prompts for Letters and comments, but the sky is the limit for topics:

— Describe your local sailing scene. What’s changed over the years? Is it growing, shrinking, about the same?

— Talk about your sailing history, and plans for your sailing future.

— What are some of the lesser-known hassles (and joys) of boat ownership? What’s been your experience with insurance and property taxes?

— Is there something new on the Bay Area waterfront that you either love or hate?

— With the upcoming Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show, we usually do a reader poll, asking you for both broad and incredibly specific comments about Latitude 38.

Please let us know.

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  1. Virginia Horn 1 month ago

    To all the Sailors in the World!! In 1986 3 Horn’ s Sailed to Germany. My Husband Jerry had dreamt of going home to Kiel. and Tudelband carried us from SF and back again . Hope to hear from anyone who remembers us.

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