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Latitude (Wherever You Are) Nation

Latitude 37 strikes again.

Close, but no Latitude cigar.
© 2020 Christian Walton

This one is from an apartment complex in San Jose. This is not the first Latitude 37 we’ve seen in 2020 — the other one was on the “antipode.”

This previously published picture of a latitude-themed establishment takes us all the way to New Zealand.
© 2020 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Tim

Naturally, this got us thinking: What other latitude-themed establishments are out there? Latitude 26 Zapateria in Mexico? Latitude 64 Fermented Shark Bistro in Iceland? Latitude 0 Fresh Coconut Stand on the equator?

Nation — We will take any and all latitude-themed establishments that you might have come across in your international travels. You can either comment below (but can’t post photos), or you can email us here.


  1. George 4 years ago

    There is also a Latitude 37 condo complex on the Viaduct in Auckland

  2. David Wilson and Sandra Snyder 4 years ago

    In downtown Panama City there is a hotel called Le Meridien very near the ocean. Many of the rooms have an ocean view. The bar restaurant is called Latitudes. Sandra and I live about 40 minutes outside of Panama City but have frequent reasons (had before Covid-19) to come to the city to attend social events, to dine at the many fine restaurants or do some shopping, Always a pleasure… With an event to attend in the evening we would drive to the city in mid afternoon before the evening commute traffic and go to the Latitudes bar for a glass of wine until time to move on to our evening event. There is a decorative sign on the wall giving the Lat Lon of the place.

  3. Edward Melinn 4 years ago

    or you can email us here. This link does not work

    • Christine Weaver 4 years ago

      Thanks for the note Edward; we’ve repaired that link.

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