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Last Call for Baja Ha-Ha Sailors’ Bio Photos!

The Poobah is putting together the Meet the Fleet book, which will include bios of all the boats entered in the Baja Ha-Ha, and as many photos as possible.

Some of the photos have been great. In fact, one photo sent in by Bryan and Carolyn Kelly of the Santa Cruz-based Cal 46 Willow is so excellent that the Poobah is buying the family — two adults, daughters Marin, Mae, and Rose, and a cat and a dog — a couple of big Domino’s pizzas and a bag of kibble in Cabo for their efforts.

Some of their other shots were good, too. I guess it’s not surprising, as Carolyn is a still photographer.

The Poobah has also received a good number of very acceptable photos. He thanks all of you.

However — and how can the Poobah put this gently? — he’s also received a bunch that are awful. Really awful. Out of focus, subject halfway out of frame, terrible exposure, and itty-bitty size. Sometimes all four in the same photo.

Folks, these photos are for Ha-Ha posterity, and the Poobah wants you looking as good as you possibly can.

The good news is that if you act now, there is still time, and the process is simple:

1. Get into the shade where there is no bright background.
2. Take some photos with your camera phone of the captain, first mate, or both. And label who is who, particularly if both are of the same sex and/or if crew are also in the photos.
3. Send the best two photos at max resolution to [email protected].

bio photos
This is a keeper…
© 2022 Baja Ha-Ha

The Poobah understands that you’re not professionals, so here are some tips.

1. The subjects need to smile. They are going on the Ha-Ha, not to the gas chamber.
2. If you’re a couple, tilt your heads toward each other. It screams love and affection.
3. Sometimes it helps subjects to relax if they are holding something, like a coffee cup or a hammer. or suddenly turn around and look at the camera.
4. Funny is good, and photos need not be restricted to sailing or head-and-shoulders shots. Check out the photos of Corey Goit and his wife Jennifer at the world’s largest potato Airbnb, or Corey working his best ZZ Top look.

By the way, while Corey looks as if he ought to be in a band, what with his green beard and all, he’s the “Master Chief Engineer and Facility Manager at Amazon. My day job includes running a team of techs that maintain the infrastructure of Data Centers that provide a multitude of internet services. Whether it be streaming movie services for your everyday families or deep quantum computing services for the hacker extraordinaire sifting through the matrix trying to find ‘the one’.” Yeah, there are a lot of interesting people on the Ha-Ha.
© 2022 Baja Ha-Ha

5. When in doubt about how to take a good photo and how to send it to the Poobah, ask any teenage girl. They can complete the entire process is less than two minutes. Seriously.

A boat in the photo is optional.
© 2022 Baja Ha-Ha

The Ha-Ha is about fun, so let’s get serious about it!

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