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Hurricane Roslyn Hammers Mexico’s West Coast

Hurricane Roslyn made landfall on Mexico’s west coast on Sunday morning, leaving a wake of devastation. While initially being expected to reach its maximum as a tropical storm, Roslyn had escalated to a Category 4 hurricane before crossing the coast as a Category 3 with 120-mph winds, at around 4:30 (PT) on Sunday morning. Coastal communities including Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita reported severe flooding and damage from the storm, with the BBC reporting three deaths: an elderly man who was killed by a falling roof beam, and two women who were killed when buildings collapsed.

The Chicago Tribune reported the hurricane struck “between the resorts of Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán Sunday morning, then declined to tropical storm force and quickly moved inland.” By Sunday night the hurricane had lost most of its force, with winds dropping to around 30 mph, as it made its way inland in a northwesterly direction.

The resulting devastation was widespread and severe, with streets turned into fast-flowing rivers with tons of mud and debris left in their wake.

Hurricane Roslyn aftermath
This was not the only vehicle to land on the beach, or in the ocean.
© 2022 Facebook/Justin J. Serna

Around 100,000 people across the region were left without power, the New York Times wrote, and quoted Jorge Benito Rodríguez Martínez, secretary of security in Nayarit, who said that 90 percent of residents from the municipalities of San Blas and Santiago Ixcuintla had been displaced and were in shelters or staying with relatives in higher areas.

Several towns were cut off due to mudslides and flooding. This video was taken in Bucerías, Nayarit.

We hope our friends in the south can recover quickly and that this is the last of the 2022 hurricane season.

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  1. Rich Brazil 1 year ago

    We are in Barra de Navidad and can report much less severe conditions. We had a max of 20 knots of wind in the marina along with a few heavy rain squalls but nothing major. The road are fine, no flooding in the streets and the road to the Manzinillo airport is open.

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