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Huge Swell to Hit the Bay Area Coast

The National Weather Service has issued a beach hazards statement for tomorrow due to a huge offshore swell. The timing is from 5 a.m. on Tuesday, April 7, to 5 a.m. on Wednesday, April 8. The areas affected range from south of Point Arena to Monterey, including all of Monterey Bay. Hazards include an increased risk of sneaker waves and strong rip currents.

Huge wave
Believe it or not, the red and green Point Bonita buoy, off the Marin Headlands, is in this image somewhere. It’s been swallowed by a voracious monster wave. Tuesday would not be a good day to practice sailing around this mark!
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“A long period southwest to west swell will impact the coastline beginning early Tuesday morning,” reads the statement, “and will continue into Wednesday morning before subsiding. Energetic swell periods will reach 19 to 20 seconds Tuesday morning then decrease to below 17 seconds by Wednesday afternoon and evening.”

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The word 'yacht' has always bothered me. It’s simply too pretentious for my taste. When I go sailing, I don’t go to the yacht, I go to the boat, and there is a distinct difference.