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There are a lot of Bay Area sailors who know every nook and cranny of the Bay. On the other hand, there are places that seem to hide in the midst of this seven-million-strong urban area. Pictured below is a small, lesser-known marina tucked into the Bay Area hills. Take a guess, or tell us what you know in our comments section below. We’ll fill you in on anything we might be able to add on Monday.

Guess where this Bay Area marina is
Can you tell us more about this Bay Area marina?
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  1. Avatar
    Ron Witzel 3 months ago

    Pt San Pablo Yacht Harbor in the warm weather part of The Bay!

    • John Arndt
      John Arndt 3 months ago

      Who’s been there, eaten there, sailed there? Or knows how to get there by land or sea.

  2. Avatar
    harry allen 3 months ago

    Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor

  3. Avatar
    Kim Paternoster 3 months ago

    Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor. I haven’t sailed there, but I know a lot of the residents. The way to get there is a right turn off of 80 before you hit the Richmond Bridge tollbooth. Go down the road, past Winehaven, and turn right at the end of the road before you get to the last whaling station in the United States. Go up over the bumpy and curvy road, and suddenly you will see this lovely little tucked away marina. There’s a bar there, and there’s a restaurant there. Last two times I was there (2 months apart), a dog with a cone on his head came running out of nowhere. I thought I was in the twilight zone.

  4. Avatar
    jack 3 months ago

    Did a swap there a couple of years ago. Nice friendly folks… The ‘goat trail’ to get there was an adventure… 🙂

  5. Avatar
    Bill O'Connor 3 months ago

    I am not sure of the name …but the very, very, last (kind of hidden) turn-off on H-580- Westbound just before the toll plaza for the Richmond San Rafael Bridge takes you to a road that goes over the hill and drops down to this harbor (Readers: Help me with the turnoff name….there may also be a way to get on to it from below the freeway near Richmond Parkway??)
    From the water getting into the harbor is tricky…the channel, if you can call it that, is marked by “sticks” as I recall not buoys, and access can only be accomplished at high tide….those of us who have sailed the Vallejo Race and cut the corner too close at Point San Pablo have paid the price and got stuck near the entrance to that Harbor

  6. Avatar
    Captain Curt Taras 3 months ago

    Its a Crazy mountain road to get there , but they have some good BBQ.

  7. Avatar
    Alice Cochran 3 months ago

    I too think this is Point San Pablo. We recently went there on our small Molly 17 catboat (Kitty Sark II) from Loch Lomond Marina to explore and have lunch. There is a diner-like restaurant with lots of outdoor seating (recently re opened under new chef/management) called Black Star Pirate’s BBQ. There are plenty of choices, and the food is delicious.

    Time seems to. have stood still here except for some modern houseboats and interesting large sculptures from Burning Man. It’s also where people check in and board a small boat for an overnight visit to the East Brothers Lighthouse B&B – and dinner – run by a local non-profit. (Worth doing when it’s safe post-Covid.)

    There are a few smallish slips by the restaurant available to tie up. The channel entry is tricky (an old lantern on a stick marks the way into the harbor) and arriving/leaving on a higher tide is a good idea – unless you want a longer visit. Contact the harbor master for details or the restaurant for a reservation.

  8. Avatar
    David James 3 months ago

    Many years ago motorsailing back from the Delta in a fierce westerly and ebb we rescued a family consisting of a father, son and grandfather whose fishing skiff had foundered in the middle of San Pablo Bay. They only had an upside down bucket between them. We also rescued their black Labrador Retriever. Anyway, we dropped the four of them off at Pt. San Pablo Harbor as it was closest. Interesting story.

  9. Avatar
    Jeff Chap 3 months ago

    I had my boat in a slip there for years. Great place, great food, and great people.

  10. Avatar
    Greg Ashby 3 months ago

    After racing in my first SSS Round the Rocks race, where I saw the billboard for the East Brother Lightstation B&B, I took my wife for a weekend.
    To get there the keeper picks you up in a tender at Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor. We arrived by car after taking the Point Molate exit off 580w

  11. Avatar
    J Meves 3 months ago

    Volunteered several years for once monthly maintenance Saturday’s for East Brother Light Station B&B. The launch for this really exquisite, historical Light House and all visitors, day or overnight embark from here. Not easy to navigate off the 580 Richmond Bridge – but that’s half the fun. Guessing this is not a very current photo?

  12. Avatar
    JEB Pickett 3 months ago

    Ron’s correct. Pt. San Pablo YH. Been there by boat. Watch out for the large mud lumps approaching the harbor.

  13. Avatar
    Dan haynes 3 months ago

    Pt. San Pablo Harbor. Sailed past many times during the Vallejo Race. The break water that forms the harbor was constructed from sunken boats.

  14. Avatar
    Max 3 months ago

    Pt San Pablo yacht harbor.

    I’ve been curious about that place for a while. I think there used to be a wreck or two right at the entrance.

    There were some crazy stories about that place a few years ago.

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