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Good Jibes With Walt Raineri on Learning To Adapt

This week’s host, Moe Roddy, is joined by Walt Raineri to chat about his incredible story of perseverance and life lessons for fellow sailors. Walt is an attorney, accountant, entrepreneur, extreme-sports athlete, and accomplished match racer. At the age of 45, he lost his sight — and discovered he could reconnect with the planet through sailing and blind match racing. Hear how blind match racing works, what Walt does better now that he’s blind, how to find ways to adapt and keep moving, how to deal with tough moments, and the rules he lives by. This episode covers everything from life lessons to blind match racing.

Walt Raineri - on right
Walt, far right, is an award-winning blind match racer who lives by the motto, “Adapt and keep moving.”
© 2022 Walt Raineri

Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • Was Walt born sighted?
  • How did he get into sailing?
  • Do the umpires have a specific sound they make?
  • What is the Swedish Classic?
  • How do you prepare for blind match racing?
  • What is BAADS (Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors)?
  • How do you become more inclusive?
  • Short Tacks: Who’s inspired Walt the most in his life?

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What sailors rarely talk about is what comes after the journey and the destination. What does one do once they've realized their goals? How do sailors with tens of thousands of ocean miles under their belts age with grace and purpose?