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Good Jibes #75: Bill Erkelens on Perfecting The Ocean Race

This week’s host, John Arndt, is joined by Bill Erkelens to chat about The Ocean Race 2022-2023, and sustainability in sailing. Bill is the chief operating officer for the 11th Hour Racing Team and recorded this from latitude 38 — Lisbon, that is!

good jibes Bill Erkelens
Shown here blasting across the Bay aboard their Wylie Wabbit Jack, Bill and his wife Melinda took second place in the 2022 Pacific Cup aboard their Moore 24 Foamy.
© 2023 Bill Erkelens

Hear how to pick the perfect boat for your next race and build the perfect team, about the latest technology in racing boats, how to build boats more sustainably, and how to get any sleep during The Ocean Race.

This episode covers everything from racing to sustainability. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • How did Bill get started in offshore racing?
  • What’s the secret for married couples doing doublehanded races together?
  • How much is Bill involved in the race right now?
  • What is the role of the chief operating officer during a race?
  • Do the boats use AI?
  • What is 11th Hour Racing?
  • Where do the sustainability gains come from in boatbuilding?
  • Short Tacks: How would Bill inspire non-sailors to sail?

Learn more about Bill at, and 1Degree.US.

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