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Good Jibes #66: Close Calls on the Water With Ryan Foland and Dustin Dye

Welcome back to Latitude 38’s podcast, Good Jibes! In this podcast, we bring you the world of sailing through the eyes of the West Coast sailor. Each week, you’ll hear stories and tips on cruising, racing and just plain sailing. This week, host Ryan Foland is joined by Dustin Dye to chat about all sorts of first experiences at sea. Dustin is the co-founder and CEO of Botcopy, and is a diehard fan of being on the water.

Dustin Dye at helm
What’s the story behind Dustin’s finding a “whole new meaning of a boom?”
© 2022 Ryan Foland

Hear how sailing on lakes differs from sailing on oceans, how to become more confident as a sailor, be honest with yourself, and learn to tie different knots, and about some literal good jibes. This episode covers everything from stress to fun on the water. Here’s a small sample:

  • Where did Dustin learn to sail?
  • What kind of boats did he start on?
  • Why does he enjoy sailing?
  • If Dustin had a boat, what kind of boat would it be?
  • How was his racing experience with Ryan?
  • Is Dustin more of a racer or a cruiser?
  • What knots can he tie?
  • How did the close calls inspire him?

Learn more about Dustin at

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