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Found: Last Golden Ticket of 2020

Josh Dvorson is no stranger to Latitude 38. In fact, when we put his name into our search bar we were rewarded with several mentions. The most recent was in April, when Josh sent us a photo of his 1976 Ericson 27 Homeslice sailing out of Sausalito beneath a beautiful pink sky and full moon. This time, though, we actually have a photo of Josh as well as his boat, as Josh drew the last Golden Ticket of 2020 out of his December issue of Latitude 38.

Josh Dvorson
Note the framed photo over Josh’s right shoulder, from the September 1991 issue.
© 2021 Josh Dvorson


'Homeslice' racing
Josh tells us he is very devoted to what he calls his “fine fiberglass friend.” We have to agree, as he has owned and raced Homeslice for over 31 years and has logged more than 700 outings aboard her. Here she is in action during Sausalito Yacht Club’s 2020 Midwinter Series.
© 2021 Josh Dvorson

Unfortunately Josh will not be rewarded with the lifetime supply of chocolate he was hoping for: “I feel a little like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.”  (Although, as he picked up his December issue at Bridgeway Bagel in Sausalito, we presume he did get a bagel.) However, the Golden Ticket does entitle its bearer to win a Latitude 38 T-shirt or hat, and we understand he has chosen the T-shirt.

For your next photo, Josh, how about a shot of you wearing your new T-shirt?

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