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Find Your Back Issues of Latitude 38 to Win a Latitude 38 Hat

Just over a week ago we posted this Latitude 38 archive photo on our Facebook page stating, “We often hear from readers who say, ‘I’ve got a copy of every issue of Latitude 38 stored in my house.'”  So we’re offering a test for those who say they have a complete set of the magazines.

This shot is one of our favorite covers. We’ll select a winner of a Latitude 38 hat from those who can tell us which issue had this photo on the cover — and since you’re pulling out the old magazine, include the event, boat, photographer and sailors too.

Mystery Latitude 38 photo
Mystery Photo. 
© 2020 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Guess Who

“Amazing,” commented Sutter Schumaker when Rob Tryon got most of the answer correct without the help of a back issue in hand. But before we reveal his ‘best guess’ posted on Facebook, we’ll give you a chance to post the complete answer in the comments below.

And we agree with Ronnie Simpson’s comment, “Every time a Cal 40 surfs past Diamond Head Light an angel gets its wings.”


  1. Klaus Kutz 2 years ago

    August 2003, Transpac, Illusion, Stan Honey, Photographer was Bill Lee.

    That’s my guess

  2. Alan Andrews 2 years ago

    Don’t have the magazine on hand but: Transpac 2003 at the finish. Cal 40 “Illusion” owned by Stan and Sally Honey with Skip Allen and John Andron as crew. I’ll guess the photographer was Rob Moore since he was always in Honolulu for the Transpac finish.

  3. Patrick Lewis 2 years ago

    Transpac finish @ Diamond Head, 2003, Cal 40 Illusion, Sally Lindsay, Stan Honey, Skip Allen, Jon Andron, photo by Sharon Green(?) Guessing it would have been on the August 2003 cover.

  4. John Arndt 2 years ago

    Klaus, Alan, Patrick – amazingly accurate for guesses but looks like it’s still going to take an actual issue to get it all right.

  5. Pat Broderick 2 years ago

    Not fair! I donated all my past issues to the “Latitude 38” office library several years ago — but okay! Yes, the photo is “Illusion” surfing in.

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