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Finally, the Rain We’ve Been Praying For

We’ve been praying for rain for months, and our prayers have finally been answered. But did it have to include the weekend? It could make for a challenging Fall Dinghy Regatta at St Francis Yacht Club, but it’s a good weekend to wash the boat and leave your salt-encrusted foul weather gear outside. It should be all rinsed off by Monday.

Rainy weekend
Our first rainy weekend should end this abysmal fire season and rinse the boats.
© 2021 Weather Underground
Rainy weekend
Rain doesn’t mean you can’t sail, but it’s going to be windy and wet.
© 2021 Peter Lyons

Make the best of it and celebrate the rain we’ve all been waiting for. Oh, and while you’re out there sailing, take some photos and send them to us. We’d love to do a photo spread of the Bay Area’s wet weekend on the water: [email protected].

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