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Cruising When You Were Young

Romayne and Cameron Riddell, in what the well-dressed cruising kids apparently wore back in the day. 

© 2016 Emily Riddell

We love the accompanying photos that were sent to us by Cameron Riddell of Los Angeles. They were taken between 1970 and 1976, when he and his family were cruising the Med — mostly Greece — aboard their Hillyard 43 cutter Gay Vandra. This was long before the time of modern electronics and other conveniences on boats. It was also long before many boats were out there cruising.

The Riddells’ yacht was Gay Vandra, a nice-looking Hillyard 43 cutter. 

Emily Riddell
©2016Latitude 38 Media, LLC

The Riddells’ was a family cruise, starring Stuart, the dad; Emily, the mom (who was undoubtedly in charge of dressing the kids in such a natty manner); daughter Romayne; and son Cameron.

Loading Gay Vandra with provisions for traveling on the French canals. 

© 2016 Emily Riddell

If the name Riddell is familiar to you, perhaps it’s because father Stuart was a longtime surveyor in the Bay Area. Now 87, he and Emily live aboard a houseboat in Sausalito.

The final two photographs are of the 77-year-old teak and steel schooner Eros, which Cameron and his partner recently purchased with plans to engage in the Caribbean and Northeast charter trade. Read more about Cameron and the 103-ft (LOD) staysail schooner in the November issue of Latitude 38.

Cameron is all grown up now and has his own international business. And he and his partner now own a 115-ft (LOA) schooner that they bought to charter. 

© 2016 Cameron Riddell
The Riddells’ schooner Eros was once owned by Stavros Niarchos, she was honeymooned on by King Juan Carlos of Spain, and was most recently owned and completely refit by Bill and Grace Bodle of the Sugar Dock in Richmond. She’s available for you to charter from Nicholson International Yachts. 

Emily Riddell
©2016Latitude 38 Media, LLC

What about you? Do you have photos from 20, 30 or even 40 years ago when you were cruising? If so, we think it would be cool if you shared them with Latitude and our readers. We’d also like to know what effect you think cruising had on your life, for better or worse.

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