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Cojo Carnage

"I crewed on Jim Hassberger’s Valiant 40 Kanga on the way south to get ready for the Baja Ha-Ha," writes O’Neil Dillion. "When we pulled into Cojo the other day, we saw these two sailboats on the beach. We didn’t go ashore, so we didn’t get their names. We have no further information, but we assume they got caught on a lee shore from a front coming in from the southwest, probably during the winter. Maybe one of your readers has the story."

One of the two sailboats currently on the beach at Cojo. It’s hard to say for sure, but she appears to have been on the beach for some time.

© 2010 O’Neil Dillon

We asked around a bit, and the response we got was, "Boats go up on Cojo all the time." It’s hard to believe, given all the dramatic improvements in weather forecasting as well as GPS, radar, depthsounders and other electronic equipment. It proves once again that there is no substitute for the constant vigilence of a human. There was also a pretty good south swell earlier in the week, so who knows? Maybe one of the boats dragged ashore more recently.

The high bluffs of Cojo provide excellent protection from howling northwesterlies, but it’s a lee shore in a southerly.

© 2010 O’Neil Dillon

For folks coming around Pt. Conception in the next couple of days, there is a small craft warning from 3 p.m. until late tonight for winds from the northwest — making Cojo the perfect anchorage after a rounding. Then the weather gets better, with lighter winds and temperatures finally hitting the 80s near the water in Santa Barbara, and the 90s in the foothills. Indeed, there may even be a few days of summer in Southern California — finally — from Friday through early next week.

Happy and safe sailing to everyone headed this way!

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