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Circumnavigator Ellen MacArthur Navigating the Circular Economy

Back in February 2005, we wrote about Ellen MacArthur’s stunning achievement of beating French sailing legend Francis Joyon’s solo, nonstop around-the-world record aboard her 75-ft trimaran B & Q/Castorama. She went on to become knighted as Dame Ellen MacArthur and raced until retiring from professional sailing in 2010 at the age of 34. She then founded the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and has been working hard toward its goals of promoting the circular economy.

MacArthur ended up back on our radar when Morgan Stanley ran an ad in the New York Times promoting their interview with Dame Ellen, in which she explains the circular economy.

Ellen MacArthur
Ellen MacArthur is still taking on huge challenges and making headlines in the New York Times.
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We were looking on Wikipedia at her long list of sailing accomplishments, which included sailing solo, nonstop around Great Britain at age 19 on her own 20-ft boat, doing the Mini Transat, finishing second in the Vendée Globe in 2001 aboard Kingfisher, and much more. We also discovered MacArthur will be celebrating her 45th birthday tomorrow, July 8. You could wish her a happy birthday here.

Though she’s no longer sailing professionally, MacArthur is still making waves and ‘nonstop’ sharing the lessons she learned at sea.

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