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Latitude Movie Club
Blue F50

SailGP Stars in a Hollywood Movie

SailGP makes its Hollywood debut this week in a new movie, Tenet. When the script required an epic sailing scene, two SailGP F50 catamarans answered the call.

Swashing and Buckling with Captain Blood

Captain Blood is one of those movies that is so much of a classic, you feel like you've already seen it. But alas, we had not, and on a chilly night in early November at Spaulding Marine Center, we finally sat down to watch the 1935 swashbuckling classic.

The Latitude Movie Club: Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was a good movie, and everything that followed diminished in quality, fun and coherent storytelling, and repeated the same tired, monster-laden formula that was, in our sailorly opinion, the weakest part of the original plot to begin with. 

Latitude Movie Club: ‘Wind’

Wind is a classic sailing movie, though it was not well received at the box office, and like all art imitating life, it took some liberties with the truth.